The Hard Road Ahead

The path I walk in not one I can tread lightly, it is a road that winds up a steep mountainside, vanishing into the skies above. Though the road ahead is hard, it has been quite sometime since I posted to this blog, mainly because of my job search. Now I find myself alone in the winter, wondering which project is more important than another.

Though it is nice to have no distractions, outside of a few surprises here and there, I find that it has become more like a prison than any sort of freedom. Trapped alone with my own worse enemy, my mind. Nothing to do but push on, hope to finish one of my anime reviews soon for Relative Theories, should be fun. Not really, but who gives a shit? i have recently been working on a short story, The Soul of a Dragon, it follows the tales of Cameleion, the human who becomes a god in the world of Ezryl.

Published by Haun Toshira

I am an aspiring fantasy novelist. I use wordpress to monitor and manage my site which contains lore and extra content fo rmy fantasy world.

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